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PEAR-I : Aeration Unit

The Aeration Unit (Model PEAR-I), is completely GMP model; all materials are SS 316. It is specially designed for Automatic Empty Capsules Making Plant, It is used to control the moisture of capsules.

Function:- It works on three stages, for controlling it we use DDC 212 controller, its combination controller of 3 stages Sequence Timer + Temperature controller + Memory pack with Outputs.

Three stages Sequence Timer With Memory (Setting & Elapsed time-power fail during event) offers.

1. Air blowing: It is pre warm blower stage for moisture control, only Air blow, you can set it time 1sec to 100 minute.

2. Heated air blowing: It is warmer (Heater+ Blower) stage of unit; you can set it time 1sec to 100 minute, temperature 0-100degree.

We use semiconductor sensor with new Generation Technique. The sensor manufacture offers sensor in pre calibrated from user, which gives freedom from Calibrated headaches during replacement & periodic intervals as per norms (ISO requirement). Sensor fitted in steel capsules casing to get good life, for better accuracies controller works with 0.5degrre Accuracy to avoid frequent on/off of heater.

Elapsed time memory feature offers qualitative performance for material under drying by insuring the desired process completion automatically even power fails during event without any operator’s attention or manual “Re start”.

Process starts with sum of three (T1+T2+T3) times in countdown mode for ease of supervisory & user to know the time remain of process & have better time management to next cycle preparation.

“Emergency Stop” is offered to have immediate stop for timers & process Automation needs.

Password protected Setting ensure hassles free supervisory control.

3. Air blowing: It post warm Blower stage with out heater for your requirement.

Technical Data
Dimension (L x W x H) 600 mm x 570 mm x 650 mm (with drum-1200mm)
Electric Supply 220V, 1PH, and 50Hz.
Time & Heat Controller DDC 212
Heater 1 KW
Machine Weight 50 Kg (approx.)