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Circular & Linear Oriented Capsules Printing Machine


Description: Double color Spin & Linear Oriented Capsules printing Machine is a drum chain-conveyor system based machines. The basic principle of capsules orientation is gravity cum air vacuum action. The machine is used to print all size of empty hard gelatin capsules CIRCULAR (spin) as well as LINEAR-ORIENTATION –in double color. (AS BODY PRINT ON THE BODY AND CAP PRINT ON THE CAP WITH DIFFRANT COLOR INK). All accessories required of the machine are included parts except air. The machine is fully covered with Stainless Steel cabinet. All the capsules contact parts are made of SS316.

Saleint Features:
The Machine appearances are very delicate and compact.
Easy in operation setting 100% orientation and feeding.
Excellent Printing Quality.
Ink spot free.

Technical Specification
Out put It is capable to print 70,000-80,000 capsules /hour
Electric Supply 440V (OR 220V AC), 50 Hz & also available in any other your requirements.
Electric Motor 0.5 H.P. for main motor, 1 H.P. for blower
Dimension 1880 mm x 450 mm x 1300 mm (L x W x H) with out hopper, With hopper 1535mm
Machine weight 400 Kg (approx.)
Pneumatic Line Filtered and Moisture free air at 4 Kg/cm2 Pressure. External source
Vacuum Line 150 m3/h (inbuilt in Machine)

Change Parts: The following parts are required for capsules size change:
1. Feed drum
2. Orientation drums
3. orientation unit
4. Capsules carrier plate with conveyor chain.