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Diametrical sorter (Pre sorter-Roller type)


Description: The automatic diametrical sorter (Pre sorter) is specially designed for Empty Capsule manufacturing plant for sorting of automatic loose cap, body & diametrical defective capsules i.e. collets pinch, dents, star end, rough cut, telescopic etc. It can directly couple with any automatic empty capsules making plants. It has roller type designed for 100% loose body sorting.

Advantage of PEPR-2V:

  • Remove all diametrically defective capsules.
  • Remove all loose cap & body.
  • Less electric consumption.
  • Less maintenance.
  • No any wear-tear parts.
  • All parts are made SS-316
  • It is requires very less space.
  • It is available in any size of capsules.
Function: The Pre sorter (Diametrical sorter) is a 4- STAGE MECHANICAL SORTER, the upper part of the machine continues in vibrating by electromagnetic vibrator, the capsules pass one stage to other stage. It work on the dimensions of the capsules, if the capsules are defected on diameter or length, those capsules are dropped in wastage box by this machine. Its have four stage sorting
1) Diametrical Sorting,
2) Loose Cap & Body sorting,
3) Roller Sorting,
4) Fine Diametrical Sorting

Technical Specification
Output It is capable for high-speed machine.
Electric supply 220V, 1PH, and 50Hz / 60Hz.
Vibrater coil 200 W. and 90 W.
Electric motor 60W, 60 RPM.
Dimension (L x W x H) 1150 mm x 375 mm x 800 mm
Machine weight 175 Kg (approx.)